STW AI Content Creator – Your All-in-One Chrome Extension for Content & Business Plan Creation

At STW AI Content Creator, we understand the power of content in communication. That's why we've designed a groundbreaking Chrome extension for ChatGPT that create social media post content, blogs, business plans . Whether you're a solopreneur, freelancer, or running a business, our tool enhances your ability to generate precise, effective prompts that streamline your workflow and boost your online presence and brand.


Why Choose STW AI Content Creator?

Social Media Post Generator:

Craft engaging and share-worthy posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn effortlessly. AI-driven suggestions ensure your content resonates with your audience.

Freelancing Project Proposals:

Impress clients with professional and detailed project proposals tailored to their needs. Showcase your skills and expertise effectively to win more projects.

Project Estimate Tool:

Generate accurate project estimates quickly based on project requirements and complexity. Customizable templates and automated calculations streamline the estimation process. 

Client Email Composer:

Craft personalized and persuasive emails to communicate effectively with clients. let STW AI suggest content for seamless client interactions. 

Business Growth Plan Creation:

Develop strategic business growth plans with AI-generated insights and suggestions. Identify opportunities, set goals, and create actionable plans for success.

Branding Ideas:

Get creative branding ideas and suggestions to enhance your brand's identity and visibility. Stand out in the market with unique branding strategies tailored to your business. 


Our Features at a Glance:

Public and Private Prompts

Whether you prefer our ready-to-use public prompts or wish to create personalized ones, we have you covered.

Ease of Access

Organize and access your prompts effortlessly – a tool that's intuitive for you and your team.

Community Driven

Benefit from the wisdom of a community where prompts are continuously refined and expanded.

Trusted by Professionals Worldwide

Join the ranks of satisfied users who've transformed their productivity with STW AI Content Creator.

Free Plan: "Beginner's Gateway"

$0 per annum

Next 3 months

Access to basic prompt categories: Marketing, SEO, Copywriting, Social Media

Usage limit: Up to 10 prompts per month

Community support through forums

Standard AI prompt library access




Who it's for: Perfect for individuals or startups taking their first steps into AI-powered content creation.


Solo Entrepreneur/Freelancers Plan: "Professional's Advantage"

$1.5 /mo

Charging $18 per year

Access to an extended range of prompt categories

Personalized prompt creation and storage

Usage limit: Up to 50 prompts per month

Priority email support

Profile management features to integrate data from your freelancer profile



Who it's for: Ideal for solo entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for an edge in their content creation workflow.

Business Plan: "Enterprise Elevation"

$2.5 /mo

Charging $30 per year

Full access to all prompt categories

Unlimited personalized prompt creation and storage

Usage limit: Unlimited prompts

Premium email and chat support

Advanced profile management for business pages

API access for integration with your existing tools (coming soon)


Who it's for: Best suited for businesses requiring comprehensive, scalable content creation solutions.

Install Now and Experience the Change

Designed for Simplicity and Power

Our extension is user-friendly yet robust, ensuring you spend less time learning and more time doing. Forgetting passwords and user account management is a breeze with our intuitive interface, including essential pages like Home, Contact, and About. Plus, we guide you through setting up and customizing your Chrome extension settings.

Be Part of the Evolution

STW AI Content Creator isn't just a tool; it's a growing ecosystem designed to adapt and evolve with your needs. So join us today and turn your professional aspirations into accomplishments with just a few clicks.

Ready to Enhance Your Workflow?

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In today's digital age, content creation is a key element of success for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you're crafting engaging blog posts, creating captivating social media content, or developing compelling marketing copy, the ability to produce high-quality, original content is essential. However, the process of generating such content can be time-consuming and challenging.

Alok Mishra

Senior Product Designer & Developer